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The fabric first appears in the Casentino Valley, in the heart of the mountain region of eastern Tuscany, where sheep have always been raised for wool production.


On this date, the traditional “Panno Casentino” fabric was first produced for the commercial market. It went from being simple clothing for shepherds and woodcutters to culturally influential names such as Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini.


Once all the production phases are industrialized, Casentino reaches its apex and the whole valley's economy and social life starts changing and acquiring prestige. Casentino fabric was also sold in France, at the time known for its sophisticated fabrics.


Style Icon Audrey Hepburn wears an orange Panno Casentino coat in Breakfast at Tiffany's; thanks to this movie, the fabric reaches world wide notoriety in the fashion industry.


At dawn of the third millennium, social, political and cultural events are bringing people to rediscover the beauty and quality of traditional materials, that had been surpassed by mass produced lower quality materials. The fabrics produced in Casentino are living a second youth and are slowly going back to being a reference point in the fabric industry.


Casentino 1848 is established. The company conserves original crafting techniques more than two hundred years old and a cultural heritage of incredible value. By becoming part of the Ricciarini S.p.a. Group, leader in contemporary fabrics production, Casentino 1848 is able to blend history and tradition with research and innovation, creating collections with a truly unique charm.


Thanks to its high level of research and innovation, today the brand reflects the highest quality level in artisanal fabrics production.